What is VR 360 Video?

What is VR 360 Video?

What is VR 360 Video? 375 200 Sip Creatives

Why Virtual Reality video might be just what you need.

Standard video content is engaging as is and has been a great tool for educating your potential customers for a long time. While standard video is still a great medium for that, a virtual, immersive video experience might be something that brings new interest to your potential customers.

what is 360 degree video?

Why is virtual reality video 360 degrees?

Virtual Reality is an interactive experience that takes place in a simulated environment. To make this as believable as possible it’s important for the user to be able to look in every and any direction and still see content. For our brains to believe in the virtual world/environment, the immersive simulation has to be flawless. This is why the 360 degree spherical environment is important, as well as spherical audio placement and other key elements.The more realistic the content and story is, the more of an immersive experience is had by the user.

360 degree video

Is there a difference between a 360 degree video and a Virtual Reality video? Which has the most interaction?

Virtual Reality is an interactive experience that takes place in a simulated environment. What’s also key to Virtual Reality is that the experience is immersive. The content can be very lifelike or a true to life experience or it can be imaginative and fairytale like. By capturing video in 360 degrees, you are capturing spherical content, that when viewed with immersive technology such as headsets/goggles, it can be defined as VR content.

What happens in post production? 

Once all the filming is done the footage goes into post production. Depending on what camera you used you may need to stitch the footage to get the 360 degree effect. After the video is stitched and stabilized, it will be run through an extensive grading and color correction process to make the experience colorfully pleasing and vibrant. Many other styling options can be utilized depending on the goals of the project and appearing both cinematic and believable. Depending on how realistic your project needs to be you may expect to see less “cinematic” effects and filters. Your VR tools can play a big factor in your end result, so it’s important that you select your VR equipment  wisely.

Every production is very different but the general outline of the involved stages of a VR video shoot include:

  • Pre-production (writing & storyboard)
  • Location scouting, shooting, video stitching, editing, and distribution.
  • Our 360° videos can also be produced as traditional video and distributed across many exciting video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

What channels support VR?

What are the benefits and drawbacks of platforms such as YouTube, Website embeds, and HTC Vive headsets? Platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, support VR 360 Video content. The fact that this type of content is unique, engaging, and interactive, most content creators and marketers see great success in engagement and conversions with VR 360 Video. This content can also be embedded on websites and viewed on various types of VR headsets/goggles.  The only drawback to posting VR 360 video content in social media and online is that most viewers will not get the full immersive experience of the content as they would if viewing on a headset/goggles.

What is AR and how does it differ from VR video? 

Augmented Reality systems may also be considered a form of VR that layers virtual information over a live camera feed into a headset or through a smartphone or tablet device giving the user the ability to view three-dimensional images.

vr 360 drone footage

VR 360 Drone Content

Pairing drone footage with VR video opens the door to something not many people have ever experienced. Hang gliding, sky diving, parasailing. The options are almost endless. Listed below are some areas in which VR Drone footage could enhance.

  • Films
  • Music Videos
  • Commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Education
  • Museum Tours
  • Court Rooms (visualizations of crime scenes)
  • Shopping (browse the store)
  • Vehicle Test Drives
  • Health Care
  • Live Events

The Sip Creative VR/360 Experience

Now that you understand VR 360 video a little more what ideas do you have for your business? Do you think your current and potential customers would benefit from a virtual reality experience? Sometimes it takes a little effort thinking outside the box before coming up with a great idea. Let us know how we can help.

Check out a sample of some of our VR videos. You can also read about our VR 360 Services.

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