Make Your Creative Reality a Virtual Reality

Make Your Creative Reality a Virtual Reality

Make Your Creative Reality a Virtual Reality 1500 800 Sip Creatives

A hot topic in marketing and content production today is Virtual Reality (VR). What was once solely an expensive tool for research, or experimental toy, is now available for all gamers, advertisers, and consumers. Forbes reported last year that over one million VR headsets are in the hands of consumers. Low-cost solutions and the maker movement have put virtual reality technology in households and businesses, and more brands are finding creative ways to leverage VR to improve engagement with their consumers.

Another technology often discussed is Augmented Reality (AR). With AR, a device (often a smartphone) is used to overlay digital elements over a real world environment, in real time. By contrast, virtual reality is designed to be completely immersive, allowing the audience to interact within your digital project or experience.

What is a typical user experience for VR video?

A VR 360 recording can be embedded on your webpage and manipulated by your clients. However, for a more immersive experience, users will need to use a visual device or headset. There are now many affordable VR headsets for businesses and consumers to use such as Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, or Google Daydream. Thanks to our smartphones, almost anyone will be able to view a VR recording. Sometimes all it takes is a simple app, and thanks to products like Google Cardboard, it becomes a very affordable solution for viewing VR.

Several popular services like Facebook and YouTube support VR files. Your creative agency will also help you promote and distribute your VR experience, so that it reaches your target audience.

So how can you use VR video?

Your virtual reality project is most useful when you wish to showcase your brand, service, or your product in an experiential way. An agency can help you make your viewers experience anything and everything you have to offer. A few examples are:

  • Perhaps you would like to highlight a specific feature or a new exhibit. You have the opportunity of giving a full virtual tour of your entire museum or park, without your customer leaving their home.

  • You only have one opportunity to capture these moments, but a creative agency can help you relive and share them with your target audience. Let your viewers have the virtual reality experience and choose if they want to watch from the box, the front row, or even be on stage.

  • You can transport your viewers into the driver’s seat of your vehicle, roller coaster, or amusement park ride. Virtual reality can create extra excitement by adding new layers to their experience.

  • Provide your clients with a personal view of your convention center or hotel. Or take a bird’s eye view of the expansive concert venue.

  • The proof of your expertise can be easily demonstrated by providing a virtual reality experience of your work. Give clients a tour of your renovations, or take a sweeping tour of your building.

The Sip Creative VR/360 Experience

We provide the professional equipment and expertise to create your virtual reality experience. We listen carefully to your goals and expectations for your project and together we come up with creative concepts, and provide all the necessary elements for production.

What sets us apart from other agencies is our depth of experience in visual media. We combine our creative consultation, direction, knowledge, and equipment, with your creative vision. Our service is seamless and transparent as we work with you from start to finish.

Check out a sample of some of our VR videos.

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