3 Ways live-streaming can benefit your business

3 Ways live-streaming can benefit your business

3 Ways live-streaming can benefit your business 1000 533 Sip Creatives

Increase Revenue and Productivity with Livestreaming

There are a number of video production services that your business can benefit from, and all for different reasons. Live-streaming without a doubt can add a lot of value to your company, and depending on your industry, it can be a game changer for adding various additional revenue streams. It’s a good chance that you already know some of the added value a live-streaming production can provide. Here we’ll outline some reasons and challenges for live-streaming your events along with different ways you can benefit from the services.

Revenue and Benefits with Livestreaming

Common mistakes that cause an unsuccessful live-stream

We previously discussed some challenges and solutions in our ‘what makes a successful live-stream‘ article. But for this discussion we’re looking at some of the challenges toward benefits and ROI when choosing to live stream an event.

Live-streaming Mistakes

Challenges you may be faced with:

  • Depending on your event type and needs live-streaming production can be expensive. Your budget can be a big deciding factor in what type of coverage you can provide your external audience.
  • Ineffective marketing and promoting your live stream event prior to the live stream.
  • The lack of strategy to utilize the live-stream video after the event could be a missed opportunity.
  • Poor planning in presentation content could limit your future event turn-out.

We’ve been hired for numerous events where the only strategy was to simply stream the event. All they wanted was the event available to the immediate audience and once the event is over, that’s it. It’s easy to look past strategic opportunities when you don’t know they exist.

With any project you can expect various hurdles to overcome. And even though these issues can make for an unsuccessful livestream and end up costing a lot of money, they can be overcome by proper planning and choosing the right partner for your event. We’re here to help you over these hurdles so your event will be the most successful it can be.

3 Out-Of-The-Box Live-streaming Strategies

When you hire Sip Creatives as a professional company to handle your live stream, you are partnering with a company that has years of experience holding successful, strategic, live events. If we can discuss the purpose and goals of your event with you in detail, and in a timely manner, we can strategize the best options that will allow for a more successful live stream.

1. Post Event Resources

Post Event Resources

One of the main purpose of a livestream video is to provide the resource to viewers that were not able to make your event or live stream. This might sound like a no-brainer, but if you don’t record the event and presentation in a way that will entice viewers to watch, you’re missing out on reaching a wider audience and attendance for future events.

2. Private and Paid Events

Private and Paid Events

Depending on your event type you can create exclusivity by live streaming your video as a private or paid event. We can place your stream behind a private login, track who watches, and for how long. Some benefits of this could be an additional part to your required trainings, knowing who your attendees are, or being able to charge a fee for your events.

3. Increase Internal Efficiencies

Increase Internal Efficiencies

After the event is over you can use your live-stream in various ways to collect ongoing revenue. Depending on your event type this can offset the cost of the actual livestream and make it possible to hold many more events while turning an actual profit. If your live stream event is solely for your internal organization, charging your viewers may not be possible. However, if you can increase engagement by utilizing live stream best practices you can start introducing small tips and company efficiencies as part of your live stream recordings. The ROI may be a little harder to track, but a better trained and engaged staff can be just a profitable if not more than a dollar figure.

The Sip Creatives Livestreaming Experience

It’s common to think a live stream service solely provides a live recording of an event so others not able to attend can participate. Even though that’s not entirely wrong, it’s not the best use of your investment. Our team at Sip Creatives likes to think outside the box, our promise is to always make the most of your investment.

We invite you to discuss your next live-streaming event with us, we’ll show you what it’s like to work with a creative agency that has your best interest in mind.

Check out a sample of some of our live-streaming productions You can also read about our live-streaming services.

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