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Virtual Reality Video Production

We’re a turn-key VR 360 production agency here to help educate others on the capabilities of this exciting platform. We listen carefully to your goals and expectations for your project and together with we come up with creative concepts and provide all the necessary elements for production.

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There are many use cases for VR videos, and we love to consult our clients on how their projects can make use of this fairly new and engaging content. We’ll help you turn your idea into something even more amazing than you might think.

Importance of VR Expertise

What makes Sip Creatives unique from other 360 video production agencies is our expertise as writers, storytellers, directors, and producers in the entertainment industry. This matched with our extensive understanding of the VR & 360/Panoramic video technologies we’re able to engage your audience and truly give them a unique experience that is second to no one.

When the viewer is free to look in any direction that they choose, it means “creative everything” has to be in place. Creative lighting, audio, choreography, etc. The key to success is in persuading the viewer to look at the things and in the direction you want them to.

Our VR Team has mastered the following tools:

Various VR Camera Rigs & Set-Up

Binaural/360º sound

Creative lighting techniques

VR Post Production & Editing Process

Actors – the right ones in the right places

Story telling, through actions and narration

We strive to expand the virtual reality world by producing high quality 360° video & VR content for any market demand. Our goal is to create engaging, interactive experiences using 360º video services and stereoscopic 3D 360 video that can be viewed on any computer, cell phone, mobile device, and head-mounted display, such as the Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear VR.

Sip Creatives video production services will be able to revolutionize any industry by creating powerful tools for advertisement, tourism, agencies, museums, therapy, auto, education, entertainment, and live events. This new medium is not only an excellent way to launch a marketing campaign to get real interaction from your clients, but will also yield remarkable and impactful results that will leave an impression.

Distributing VR Content

Making sure your video is seen by your target audience is one of the most important steps of any video project. Your VR 360 video content is no exception.

Firstly, we will prepare and render all video deliverables in their proper formats so the content is ready to reach everyone in all your selected channels. Some channels have better support for VR content than others, but rest assured, we’ll help educate and consult you on the best strategy for the desired outcome.

Some Popular VR Channels:
Littlestar VR
YouTube VR
Facebook Logo
Jaunt VR

Tracking / ROI Opportunities

There are various strategies in tracking your VR footage to see exactly how your audience is interacting. In addition to your web and social analytics we can track which parts of your video are getting the most attention. This isn’t only really cool to see, but it tells us what we should be doing in subsequent videos and campaigns to get the highest success and conversion rates.

VR Heat mapping
vr 360 cameras

What is VR 360 Video

Learn more about what VR 360 Video is and why it’s so engaging.

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If you’re ready to start your own VR 360 project reach out to our team and we’ll discuss the next steps.