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Target Audience

Creating a content strategy without a clear understanding of your audience is a bit like setting a boat adrift without navigational tools. You’re out there and you’re taking action, but you’re not working toward a specific goal. These are the situations that marketers dread: huge amounts of time and money, without a clear potential for good ROI.

Brand Promise

If you think of positioning as the fertile ground that allows a brand to germinate, grow and thrive, the brand promise is a brand’s fruit—it’s the tangible benefit that makes a product or service desirable. A brand promise can be spelled out to the public, or it can be manifested more subtly in the expression and delivery of the brand experience.

Brand Perception

You should be looking online at what your consumers are discussing related to your brand, reading review websites, and promptly responding to comments via social media. Listen to what people have to say. If this feedback doesn’t align with how you want consumers to perceive your brand, you have opportunities for improvement.

Brand Values

As the business landscape continues to rapidly transform, organizations are forced to evolve in order to remain relevant with stakeholders and survive in the competitive marketplace. But such drastic shifts should not impact who you are as a brand. When approaching change, you must leverage your core values in order to keep the company aligned to what it has identified as its most important principles.

Brand Purpose (The Why)

WHY explains the reason your brand exists and how it motivates your tribe. WHY, is a great way to start. It is the emotional fuel that a brand can harness that can catapult it along for a joy ride. Exceptional brands do need a powerful reason WHY. It becomes a rallying call for the troops. But to be the best, you must also make sure you execute with precision and you live up to your brand promises.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning refers to “target consumer’s” reason to buy your brand in preference to others. It is ensures that all brand activity has a common aim; is guided, directed and delivered by the brand’s benefits/reasons to buy. Brand Positioning can be defined as an activity of creating a brand offer in such a manner that it occupies a distinctive place and value in the target customer’s mind.

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