How Do I Livestream My Event?

How Do I Livestream My Event?

How Do I Livestream My Event? 1500 800 Sip Creatives

There are some events that need to be shared to a wider audience, even broadcast to the whole world. Live streaming means putting yourself on a stage, on a scale of your choice. Livestreams are used for a variety of reasons. At a micro level, people enjoy streaming highly personal experiences, like hikes and parties. But you will need professional solutions for larger events to complement your business or organization.

Livestream From Your Phone or Apps

facebook live-streamingMost of us know there are free options to stream your activity. You can use Instagram, Facebook, Skype, or any similar app and use the Front-Facing Camera.

If you’re interested in streaming about yourself and connecting with other people, Liveme.com could be fun. It’s sort of like a live streaming Instagram. It’s fine for finding a date, but not for putting eyes on your conference or presentation.

Although primarily used for gamers, Twitch.tv can be adapted to many things and hobbies to gain an audience. Much like Twitch, Periscope is a similar fun and useful service. You can use your phone to stream and share yourself with people all over the world . You can actually use more powerful recording devices with Periscope. Just remember, everyone has to download and use Periscope or use Twitter to see your live stream. That means everyone else has to go through hoops in order to see your stream.

Why Hire a Streaming Service?

You’ll get one chance to livestream your event – Just one (that is… unless you want to redo your event).

So we all have phones and computers. Why do you hire a company to stream your event? The first answer is pretty obvious: The quality of the technology. A streaming service is not going to be using a phone or a tablet to live stream your conference. If it is important to you, your streaming service will provide the right lighting, cameras, internet connections, mics.

Another thing to consider is the skill of the professionals that you hire. You may need footage from multiple angles, wide shots, or close-ups. You also need to be sure that the audio captures every word from your event. Just like when you hire a professional photographer, hiring a livestreaming service means you will be getting a professional experience. If you want to present yourself as a professional business or organization, you probably want professional quality. Shaky camera phones, sloppily streamed, don’t demonstrate integrity and dedication to your clients. Making someone ill with bad camera operation leaves a very bad impression on your clients.

A professional service can take this a step further by capturing your moment. And that means they won’t only be recording professional video, but professional sound too. In post production, you will be involved in choosing the angles you like, and get the quality you paid for. This offers you the ability to capture, edit, and reuse the footage and soundbites for future marketing campaigns. You can save time and money if you get a professional quality recording of your event.

Whether hosting a conference, lecture, or seminar you can register more attendees by livestreaming your event. The event can be so much bigger than just the seats in the room. People from all over the country or world can tune in to hear what you have to say. You will also have a high-quality recording of the event to promote future events and drive traffic to your website.

Many of our largest local events provide a livestream for some or all of their events, including:

So, why choose Sip Creatives?

As an experienced marketing agency, we have the gear, experience, and business savvy to draw attention to your event. We aren’t using phones, and we aren’t trying to get you to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We work directly with you to make sure your livestream goes off without a hitch. And we offer a range of post production options. Sip Creatives is a Full Service Creative Agency located in Austin, TX. Check out our live-streaming page to learn more about our process.

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