VR 360 Videos for Car Dealers
VR Video Comes in Clutch for Car Dealers

Put your buyers in the driver’s seat!

We understand many car dealers battle thinning margins and rely on consistently selling standard, but in-demand vehicles to disengaged consumers. Our aim is to carefully listen to your goals and expectations, and work together to come up with affordable, VR video concepts that attract and engage your market.

Move Metal and Make Your Margins with 360° Test Drive Videos

Car buyers no longer visit dealerships to research their potential purchases. A Cox Automotive study found that consumers spend 60% of their time online researching what to buy, and who to buy from. Not only that, but the number of dealerships car buyers visit before making a purchase has declined, and most shoppers spend four fewer days in the market overall. With less time and dwindling opportunities to draw customers to your dealership, the time to influence and convert potential car buyers begins online.

Do Things Differently To Drive Sales

If car shoppers are spending most of their time online and aren’t visiting dealerships, it’s crucial that your inventory stands out across your digital platforms.

Sure, a brief video or few pictures of the interior or exterior of a car can give shoppers a general feel for a vehicle. But a high quality 360° test driving video can take your customer’s car buying experience to the next level, increasing the likelihood that they visit yourdealership to make a purchase.

Let potential customers virtually explore your inventory. Give shoppers a thorough look at the cars on your lot from the comfort of their couches with an immersive VR video test drive.

What VR Video could look like for Your Dealership

We partnered with Allways Auto to show off a brand new Dodge Hellcat SRT during a test drive. Our carefully placed state-of-the-art equipment combined with expert post-production editing gives potential buyers an in-depth, detailed look at both the interior and exterior of this performance muscle car.

Test Drive Heat Map

Heatmap Tracking

We can show you what parts of the car your viewers are most interested in. We can also track with vehicles are most popular. The data you can pull from your videos can help move your inventory in a whole new and engaging way.

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What is VR 360 Video

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