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Making the most of your website

Your website can absolutely be one of your best sales tools. Some industries claim their customers will never come from the internet, instead coming from word of mouth, networking, or some other source. The truth is the internet is one of the biggest sources for ‘word of mouth’ and when paired with strategies like social media marketing, you’ll be on your way to making your website your biggest sales tool. We’ll outline some key areas to help, below.

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Content Strategy

Your content will drive every interaction on your website to either an immediate conversion, a future conversions, or a lost lead. It’s not only important that your messaging represents your company tone, it’s crucial that it’s written and planned to mimic your sales process. We will help you determine the best practices in content strategy and what will work best for your business and your industry.

Calls to Action

Supporting your content strategy is your calls to action. A strong and consistent call to action will help familiarize your website audience to what you’re offering. Whether they spend 1 hour on your website or 5 seconds it should be painfully clear what you’re trying to get them to do. A clean and well thought out call to action strategy could be the difference in a website that converts and one that doesn’t.

Customer Engagement

Once you have a strategy around producing new and engaging content, making sure your calls to action are strong, we can then look at retention. A loyal customer will always come back to use your service. Not only will they continue to buy from you, but they will tell their network how much they love you. Customer engagement and retention is a big part of a successful strategy. We can help you determine what the best method of engagement is for you.

Web Strategy Case Studies

View some of our case studies to get an example of how a successful strategies can result in high ROI.

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