Design & Development

Websites are one of our core areas of focus here at Sip Creatives. We love them. Without a great website a large portion of your marketing efforts can fall flat. So what is a great website? There are endless opinions out there. We feel like a good website is a number of things. We’d love to talk to you about it, and even offer you a free website audit.

Web Services & Packages

We think a website is great by itself, but it’s even better when paired with our marketing services. After all, what good is your amazing looking (and fast) website when you’re bringing anyone over?

Common Website Platforms

There are numerous platforms you can build your website on. From DIY website builders to shopping cart sites that aim to make things easy for the business owner. We get asked all the time which platform is best. There is no easy answer to this question, and we answer the same every time. What are you looking to accomplish and what are your long term goals.

Some popular website platforms include:


One of the most popular platforms for ease of use that started as a blogging solution.


Popular among online stores and small shops that want an easy e-commerce solution.


The go-to platform for large e-commerce sites. Known for being more complex than your typical Shopify site but a lot more customizable.


Primarily for very small businesses or startups that want a quick DIY website without any real customizations. Typically not a long-term solution.

Why should you get a Custom Website?

Even though website builders are super easy to use for most people there are numerous reasons why it’s best to build your website platform around your business instead of using a cookie cutter platform. Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of reasons to use Squarespace or Shopify, in-fact we actually build a lot of WordPress websites, but nothing beats a custom built solution.

5 reasons a custom built website could be your best option:

    1. You’re not left depending on someone else’s business model to run your website.
    2. You can fully customize and tailor your sales and lead generating process.
    3. Your site will be fast, no extra unused junk to load that takes a lot of resources.
    4. It can match your brand 100%. You’re not stuck with using website builder limitations.
    5. You won’t have to rely on plugins that are more than not unreliable and buggy.

Let’s Talk Websites!