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When you come to us with an inspired idea, you can trust our talented crew to make your vision come to life. Sip Creatives is a complete video production solution. We specialize in TV advertising and can take care of everything for you: producing, directing, editing, and even hiring the actors. It all begins with your creative vision.

We know it isn’t enough to have a great advertisement. You need people to see it. We will work with you and our profit-driven analytics to make sure your work is being seen by the right audience. The proof is our success and your success.

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Use video in your marketing campaigns to boost engagement!

Our Video Production Process

Sip Creatives is available to help you from start to finish, empowering you with the help of our dedicated staff. We begin with ​your​ idea, ​your​ plan, ​your​ schedule, and ​your​ budget. You can be part of the action during the editing process, where titles, graphics, and soundtracks turn your vision into something truly special. Once you love everything, we share your ad with the world.

Toyota RAV4 Fader Fort Event Video

Define the Scope & Set the Budget

Get in touch and tell us about your project. The budget we propose for producing your video will be based on a few things: Type of video; Interviews vs scripted; Location of shoot; Size of crew; Editing hours. We can prepare an estimate fairly quickly.

Develop the Story & Plan the Shoot

After we decide on a scope, we start digging up the story. We write and edit scripts or prepare relevant interview questions to guide the shoot. We schedule the production crew, on-camera talent, client collaborators, and shooting locations.

Shoot and Edit Your Video

Whether it is run-n-gun documentary filming, in-depth interviews, or a scripted scene, our production crew is equipped to handle it. After footage has been captured, we start post production. This includes syncing, editing, music, titles, graphics … just about everything.

Approval & Distribution

After approval we deliver the final 4K video and provide web-optimized versions ready to upload to your hosting provider or social media channels. Depending on your needs, we can also design custom video cover images, host a branded video player, or assist with website integration.

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