Explainer Videos

One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur is taking all of the thoughts, hopes, ideas and work that have gone into creating your business and turning it into what is essentially an “elevator pitch”.

Being able to offer a clear, concise, and engaging presentation on what your business does and why your clients should care is crucial to success. A short and entertaining animated explainer video on your site or on social media is a great way to not only introduce your business to potential clients, but produce some serious and highly effective results.

Did you know that

Animated Explainer Videos can increase
conversions up to 65%?

The Step-By-Step Process to
Your Next Animated Explainer Video

The Meeting

First we have an online meeting to get to know more about your business, marketing objectives and communication channels. We make sure to always start with a proper discovery phase. Discovery is where we go over the details of the project, our process, how we do things and find out what you’re looking for. This is vital to ensuring we have the needed details so your animated explainer video performs as expected.

The Script

We send you a simple questionnaire requesting the main information about your business so our script writers can create an amazing script based on what you were looking for in the discovery part of the process. We will then make edits and adjustments according to your specifications, etc. When all is approved the script moves into the storyboard phase.


We sketch up an engaging storyboard, which is an image sequence of the main actions, letting you pre-visualize the story. A storyboard shows still images next to a script, providing you with a clearer idea of what the final product will look like.


A native professional voice over talent records the audio with the perfect tone and timing to express your brand’s personality. This part is especially fun for SIP CREATIVES and we have a large pool of some extremely talented voices to choose from.

Illustration/Art Direction

We don’t just pull from stock images like many production companies do. We have a team of illustrators designing fresh and original content, making your video custom and tailored to your brand … so you won’t have to worry about seeing some other company sporting the same video style. Our team of illustrators will create the rest of the graphics assets for the explainer video production: characters, backgrounds, elements, etc.


This is where our animator puts everything into motion! At this point the storyboard has been approved by you and now it’s time to animate the characters and images. Again, just like a scriptwriter, a good animator will work in-house and can be contacted by the client directly. Otherwise, your video may be getting outsourced.

Music & Effects

Again, another favorite for SIP CREATIVES and it’s the cherry in our Coke … and no need to worry because this step you can leave entirely up to the experts as we add sound effects and music to the final video to really make it pop! In video, the right music selection can easily make or break the entire production and with Sip Creatives you can trust our ability to make your video hit all the right notes!


Why is it that now when we see “opened box” icons or speak of delivery we think of Dropbox? Oh yeah, probably because of how smart they were to include an EXPLAINER VIDEO into their marketing campaign (hint hint). Anyhow … YAY! Your project is complete! Your explainer video is ready to share with your target audience. Your dedicated project manager will provide you with a number of different file formats, help you with video hosting and distribution, and will also show you how to embed your video on your website and into emails. Check out some of our other explainer video examples on our videos page or our Vimeo channel.

Our Vision and Unique Value

Sip Creatives is not just an ordinary quantity-based production company that spits out 392+ animated explainer videos a second. We take the time to discover not only what you want, but what you need. Your time is valuable, and if you’re going to use it to create content for your company we want to make sure it’s the best it can be!

There are many options today when choosing where to get an explainer video produced, we think you’ll be glad you chose Sip.


Don't Forget

We offer a 60 day asset guarantee so you don’t have to worry about being disappointed with your explainer video.

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